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We produce lovely and long lasting school lockers

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technologyWe rely on the proven technology of protecting steel construction...

solutionsSolutions used by us solutions have been tested and certified...

designThe modular design and various dimensions allow the use in small spaces...

Transportation and installationWe provide transportation to the door of the customer and assembly by our team...

Szafki szkolne

Why school lockers?

One of the important problems faced by the students are heavy schoolbags. Schoolbags are overfilled with all kinds of textbooks, notebooks and school supplies. As a result, children are forced to carry satchels which often reach a weight of several kilograms. Doctors warn that this is very dangerous for young organisms and can lead to serious spine disorders. We can prevent this by equipping schools with school lockers. Thus, we create the right conditions for the proper development and education of our children.

Our company offer you top-quality school lockers that comply with the requirements of the group of the standards PN-F-06009:2001, PN-F-06010-05:1990 and are certified by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene. The furniture have been designed taking care of the safety and the comfort of our children.

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School lockers in various sizes and layout

Graffiti on school hallway? Why not!

Not every school can afford to put a graffiti in the corridor. With Yocco lockers it is possible!

You will revive any school interior – you can choose from hundreds of graphic themes: from the peaks of Kilimanjaro, through comic book figures to the Solar System planets.

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